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Messi to Give Back Copa America Medal

Argentina‚Äôs 28-year wait for an international trophy is finally over! The 2021 Copa America has crowned Argentina champions after a closely fought 1-0 victory over rivals Brazil. Cristiano Tweet Unfortunately it is not all good news for the Argentine team, namely star player Lionel Messi. A Cristiano Ronaldo tweet has brought the Football World’s attention […]

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Shaw-shank Redemption

Euro Cup star and England full-back Luke Shaw has broken free from Jose Mourinho’s Mind Penitentiary. His freedom comes after stellar back to back performances in the Euro Cup, where England stand a chance to reach the final if they over come Denmark this evening. Chub It is no secret Jose Mourniho is not a […]

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Chelsea Choke at FA Cup

“Mark my words they will win nothing this season! Better yet they will finish 5th under the mighty Tuchel”, former Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard explains. Chelsea suffered a 1-0 FA Cup final defeat to Brendan Rogers’ Leicester City at Wembley. Tuchel this and Tuchel that “Now everyone can see! He is a fraud just like […]

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