Harry Kane: The Chocolate Hero Walthamstow Didn’t Know It Needed (Or Wanted?)

In the wild urban jungles of Walthamstow, where football loyalties run deeper than family ties, a sugary storm brews over a pub’s madcap proposal: immortalizing Harry Kane in chocolate. Not just any chocolate, mind you, but a full-sized, cocoa-infused statue of England’s football darling in the town square. Pub Politics and Chocolate Woes “This isn’t […]

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Chelsea Choke at FA Cup

“Mark my words they will win nothing this season! Better yet they will finish 5th under the mighty Tuchel”, former Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard explains. Chelsea suffered a 1-0 FA Cup final defeat to Brendan Rogers’ Leicester City at Wembley. Tuchel this and Tuchel that “Now everyone can see! He is a fraud just like […]

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“It’s like the Champions League, but with capes” – Kane

Spurs striker, Harry Kane has not hidden his excitement on the introduction of the European Super League. The Premier Leagues’ leading goal scorer and playmaker has insisted this new league will bring the best out of him. Super Duper “I can’t fucking wait mate!”, Harry told the African Football Expert, “I have my longer boots, […]

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