Locatelli Replaces Coke With Finer Things in Life

Italy have started their Uefa Euro 2021 tournament off with a bang, actually two bangs.Back to back 3 – 0 wins sees Italy sitting pretty on top of group A.

In a post match interview Italian midfielder Manuel Locatelli joins the latest stars, in removing sponsorships refreshments from the interview panel.

Cristiano Ronaldo angrily replaced two cokes with water in a recent interview, followed by Pogba removing a beer.

Sexy Italians

“We are playing some sexy football right now, the Italian way, what can I say”, Locatelli told the African Football Expert.

“It’s all about style, that is why I scored twice today”, Locatelli continued, sucking cheese out of his fingernails while waving a wine glass out in front of him.

“This water bullshit and coke bullshit, it’s not for me! You have to order a sweet di Romanga wine and pair it with some succulent grapes and a plump Gorgonzola cheese, one of ’em blue-veined fuckers. Oh! And the smellier the better!”

Arteta on Highbury Alert

Locatelli has been heavily linked to Arsenal in the transfer window. Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has mixed feelings after today’s interview.

“If this prima donna, thinks he can come here and be all snooty,smelling of rich cheese he has another things coming!” the Arsenal boss laughed.

“But… if he scores twice a game and we can finish in the top 6, he can do whatever the hell he wants. Jesus! I will feed him grapes if that happens”

“God! Somebody help this club!”

“Come on you Gunners! For fucks sakes come on!!”, Arteta cried, biting his lip and pausing for an award amount of time… “…. come on… just… jus come on… please… help…. me”