Queen mans VAR booth for Euro Final amidst Chiellini Mind Games

The Queen of England has kindly offered her assistance at Wembley for the final of the Euro Cup.

Gareth Southgate’s England team will square off against an impressive Italian side to try capture their first title since 1966.

VAR Booth

“We are a bit short staffed here at Wembley because of COVID” the Queen told the African Football Expert.

“UEFA were kind enough to train me during the Denmark match, I am fully versed now and will be keeping my beady little eyes on the match at all times!”

Mind Games

Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini has ensnared a war of words with England Captain Harry Kane.

The African Football Expert was able to capture the digs from both captains toward each other ahead of the kick off.

Chiellini: “Harry my friend you are like a thick pasty pasta with no flavour, a bland meatball”

Kane: “You’sa big dosser”

Chiellini: “Listen you impasta, you are a Bobby Moore wannabe”

Kane: “Italian Dosser he is”

Chiellini: “We will see your team mates get spaghetti legs when they enter the box, issa OK!  We will win despite all the cheating”

Kane: “Bloody Dosser”

Chiellini: “What is this dosser? Is this all you can say you imbecile?”

Kane: “Duh Dosser”

Chiellini: “Do you need a bib Harry! You drool more than my babies eating a saucy ragu bolognese”

Kane: “Dosser”

Chiellini: “Porca miseria! That’s it Imma out of here!”

Chiellini: “I can’t argue with this fool he is too head strong! I am not this dosser thing! Col cavolo!”

Kane: “Dosser…”