Messi to Give Back Copa America Medal

Argentina’s 28-year wait for an international trophy is finally over! The 2021 Copa America has crowned Argentina champions after a closely fought 1-0 victory over rivals Brazil.

Cristiano Tweet

Unfortunately it is not all good news for the Argentine team, namely star player Lionel Messi.

A Cristiano Ronaldo tweet has brought the Football World’s attention to a 1919 rule by Copa America founder Hector Rivadavia.

The rule clearly states :
“Retired players may play in the Copa America, but may NOT be allowed to partake in a medal ceremony or any form of trophy lifting WHATSOEVER.”


“Shit I forgot he retired in 2016… “, an astounded Scaloni told the African Football Expert.

The Argentina manager sighed deeply and continued, “Rules are rules I guess… he is gonna be heartbroken. Wow! Poor kid…”

“Jesus…will have to tell him tomorrow. As in Jesus the Brazilian guy, he went to go party with him and Neymar.”