Alisson Credits Heavy Metal Football and Father for Win

Goalkeeper Alisson Becker has kept Liverpool’s Champions Leagues hopes alive after a last gasp winning header against West Brom.

The 2-1 win means Liverpool are in touching distance of a Champions League spot for next season.


Alisson has had to overcome a lot of depression this year due to losing his father in a freak fishing accident.

“He would always tell me, use your head Ali! For God sakes use your head”, Alisson told the African Football Expert.

“It never made sense, I kept thinking but I am a goalkeeper pa? I use my hands?”

“Mr Klopp is like a father figure at the club too… he would say the same thing to me while headbanging to his air guitar?”

“Anyway, today I was sitting watching our attack make a real stink of things, I had Du Hast – Rammstein in my mind then it dawned on me, use my head, how brilliant!”

Eagle Eye Trenty

“When he came up, it was like the stars aligned!” Trent Alexander, Liverpool’s set piece taker explained.

“The sheer size of this boy’s head, I just had to aim for his massive pip, and pop some spin on it.”

Kloppfest 2021

When asked to comment, Klopp told the African Football Expert, “I love my boys we need a good head banging session soon, I am gonna whip out my air guitar, it’s a special occasion!”

“I am so ****ing amped right now! I wanna hit a mosh pit so bad!”

Maybe I will invite Roy Keane, just to knock him the f**k out, who knows?