Carragher calls for Allison Intervention

The former Liverpool defender and now Sky pundit is calling for an intervention after Liverpool’s loss to Leicester city. The lion share of blame of the 3-1 loss to the Foxes has fallen mostly on the shoulders of Liverpool goalkeeper Allison Becker.

“I think I talk for everyone when I say da-actual-fuq is this lad doing!?” Jamie Carragher told the African Football Expert.

“My granddad always use to say you have to be upfront with everyone, so I am, Great bloke! Shite goalkeeper!”

Carry Us not Karius

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has come out guns blazing too, “Jesus Sauerkraut! We were winning then Boom! And then another boom boom!”

“I am not sure where it has gone wrong? I told him with our new defender you need to carry us, I think he heard Karius?”

Goal Side

“You know in Brazil we have a word, Cara, which means friend of ours…”, Allison told the African Football Expert.

“He is dead to me now, I will not take his interviews after any match, he spits too much anyway and I hear he is carrying around that big banner?”

“My new name for him is Caralho, you can look it up. This whole intervention bullshit is bang out of order!”