“He wasn’t answering his insta so we went to his house” – Tomas Muller

As the Champions League group stage is nearing an end, Barcelona are in desperate need for a win.

The win will give the Catalonians hope of staying in the most prestigious competition in Europe.

One problem! The team standing in the way is the German Football Giant, Bayern Munich.

Grumpy Ex

Tomas Muller took to social media goading his ex-teammate Robert Lewandowski.

“It’s all in good fun”, Muller told the African Football Expert, “He thought he would win more at Barthelona!”

“Dummkopf!”, laughed the German throwing his head back, “So ya! He was not answering his insta, so we went to his house”

Robert stomps our flaming shit bag

Flaming Poop

“Call us childish, but we shat in one of his new shirts, wrapped it, torched it and rang the bell!”

“He frantically stomped the scheiße, gagging at the same time, so funny ya!”

“In his defence he laughed after, Lewy always had a good sense of humour!”

“But then…. he looked truly sad, a broken man? It is very sad to see a big sexy grown rich man cry…”

“So ya anyway… we came out from the bushes and group-hugged him. What has this club done to our Terminator?”