Chelsea Choke at FA Cup

“Mark my words they will win nothing this season! Better yet they will finish 5th under the mighty Tuchel”, former Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard explains.

Chelsea suffered a 1-0 FA Cup final defeat to Brendan Rogers’ Leicester City at Wembley.

Tuchel this and Tuchel that

“Now everyone can see! He is a fraud just like me, ha! None of us know what we are doing at the end of the day?!”, Lampard told the African Football Expert.

“Ever since Tuchel took over from me, it is like he is a hot-shot messiah? I say cult leader, this shit always goes tits up, today is my day and I can’t stop laughing!”

“It’s like someone farted in church and I can’t stop laughing, the church giggles!”

Strangely Aroused

Frank’s wife has stated, “He is so chipper today! He has been in the dumps for weeks, trying to cheer him up… I am elated he is back to Frank the Tank, mmm so sexy!”

“He went out to the back garden and has been laughing and kicking free kicks all day screaming Tielemans!? Strange character but so sexy..”