VAR Strangely Offline During End of Portugal Serbia Match

Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo thought he had scored a last minute winner in a World Cup Qualifier against Serbia.

Despite the ball crossing the line the referee seems to think the ball was safely cleared by the Serbian defence.

Bang out of Order!

Cristiano stormed off the pitch in protest, throwing the captains armband to the turf.

We caught up with him in the tunnel, “Such bullshit! I kept asking the ref ask VAR, he tells me they are offline!?”

“I don’t understand, why all of a sudden they are offline? Look at this f*cking teamsheet!”, an outraged Ronaldo told the Africa Football Expert.

Stabbing the paper with his index finger, “See! VAR Ref, Leonard Lona!?”

Smells like Empanadas

Curios to find this man, the African Football Expert made their way up to the VAR Control room, only to find half eaten meat filled empanadas and a Barcelona baby bib?

We found a peculiar note amongst the offline televisions, saying “#leoRules I am goat”.

We can only imagine someone’s child mistakenly got loose in the VAR room? Possibly South American descent.

No further information is available at this time.