Keane admits to booing Harry Maguire

“Alright, alright you got me, so fooking what, he is shite!”, a nonchalant Roy Keane told the African Football Expert

Started the Fire

“I know this was none of my business being at England and Ivory Coast, I just love United…”, the Manchester United legend added.

“I just saw his bucket-heed and the booing erupted out of me, next thing I knew the crowd joined in”.

“What can I say the English fans love a good chant, they ‘ave a lot of fire”

Makes Zero Sense

“Excuse my profanity, but this… is absolutely poo-poo nonsense”, a politely angered Gareth Southgate told the African Football Expert.

“It’s all or nothing, Harry gives all to England and nothing to Manchester, so what!? I prefer it that way.”

“Keane should stop running his mouth, he is not here is he?”, the England Manager jittered, looking over his shoulder.

“…like I was saying, and excuse my profanity one more time… Roy certainly does NOT want to see me rip this waist coat off… and kick him up his bottom!”