Italy boycotts 2022 World Cup in Qatar

“Cazzo! I am seeing a lot of fans giving us shit for not qualifying?”, a perturbed Roberto Mancini told the African Football Expert after his Italian side failed to qualify for the World Cup.


“How can they say this is unforgivable, when there are people dying?”

“These people need to take a long hard look in the mirror, really long, really really long… like spaghettis”, gestured Mancini with his hands.

“When FIFA stops working the poor to death then Italy will come and play! This is simple, we will win! It’s what we do when we are there!”

“And if we can give a minnow a chance, like Macedonia, it’s a win win”, explained the Italian manager.

Kane calls BS

“Not buying it mate”, laughed the England skipper.

“You telling me these wankers took 32 shots in a boycott? They definitly bottled it! You can see how bummed out they were, crying on the deck ha ha!”

“I will be honest, I am happy they won’t be in Qatar, I haven’t been able to get that bloodyFootball’s coming Rome‘ song out of the ol’ noggin for months!”