Roy Keane labelled a Slopposaurus

Things got pretty heated post match on Monday night, when Roy Keane suggested the Liverpool team were incredible to beat Arsenal but also quite sloppy.

The Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp was patched into the studio discussion and things escalated rather quickly.

The African Football Expert was able to get the transcript of the legendary ex-Manchester United captain and iconic Liverpool manager’s battle of wits.

Klopp Sloppy!??
Keane Jurgen, you are miss hearing me, I said it was incredible, but sloppy some…
Klopp Sloppy! It was fantastic! Absolutely wow, you are the sloppy one you drunk Irish tw*t!
Keane Me Sloppy!? You are sloppier than the stinkiest most heinous sauerkraut in Stuttgart!
Klopp Well done on geography Mr big Irish man, you wouldn’t know sloppy, if a sloppy joe smashed you in your washed up face!
David Jones
[Sky Sports]
Now now fellas! Let’s cool down
Klopp No Dave! Shut the hell up! I don’t need no angry at the world, Slopposaurus telling me how my football looks.
Keane Fook you! You bleeding b*stard! Call me a dinosaur! I will knock those pearly whites right out!
David Jones
[Sky Sports]
[nervous laugh]
Klopp You know what? I have had enough of this, Mr Keane, kindly tell me where you parked. Text me.. [*inaudible – dropping of mic*]
David Jones
[Sky Sports]
Roy? Roy! Where are you going? We still have the analysis to go through

While we believe Roy Keane was indeed on his way to the parking lot, we were only able to catch up with Roy Keane hours later.

A shaky and what appeared to be scuffed up Keane dry heaved and told the African Football Expert, “…..Let’s just say, rock and roll football will not be bothering us any more.”

Clenching his swollen fists and wincing, muttering to himself he seemed to mumbled what sounded like, “That was a close one Roy, losing your touch mate…. fooking bastard, call me a dinosaur….”

We tried to get hold of Jurgen Klopp but all his lines are going directly to voicemail. We look forward to seeing how these two titans clash for the rest of the season.

“Let’s just say, rock and roll football will not be bothering us any more.” – Keane