A Greek Tragedy – Harry Booted Out Of Court

“I’m shocked! For years I have wondered, what it’s all Greek to me actualy means? I now know! Nothing makes sense any more?”, The Manchester United captain told the African Football Expert.

Full Kit

Harry Maguire arrived in an undiscolsed Greek court sporting his Manchester United kit. “It’s a badge I wear proudly”, he told the African Football Expert, “I am the capatin and that’s that, end of story. If these fellas can’t recognise that, then I dont know what to say, it’s a flat out tragedy.”

Manchester United New Kit


Judge Anfiledopoulos has asked Harry that he repsect the court and dress more appropriately, soccer gear is deemed unacceptable in the courthouse.

Ole on FlipFlops and Albanian Cut Outs

“I was there with ‘arry!”, Ole mentioned to the African Football Expert, “I saw a gent walk in with fishing tackles and flip flops! So there is definitely a double standard, anyway, we are hoping to move past this. We want Harry to bring this sort of aggression to the pitch, so we have printed life size Albanian mafia cut-outs and put them in a few seats, its a risky call, because we are note sure how he will react 100% yet. But that’s football you know? Anything can happen on the day.”

 Photo credit should read: Martin Rickett/PA