“We are just old friends” – Pep

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has denied all transfer links to Newcastle United.

This comes after the Premiere League team was acquired by the Saudi investment group, making Newcastle United one of the world’s richest clubs.

Huge Fan

Pep told the African Football expert that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and him are just friends.

“We go way back”, laughed Pep, “We both met during my time in Peru, we were on the Inca trails…”

“Mo was resting on his solid golden carpet. While his men carried him to the top of Mach Picchu.”

“He was sipping on mate and wet-willying his workers, I was immediately drawn to his sense of humour!”

“When I heard he wanted to buy a football club, I thought this is nice, this is so Mo”, Pep continued.

“I mean Newcastle as well… what are the odds? Literally my favourite club growing up, I am a huge Shearer fan!”


A perturbed Steve Bruce has reacted to Pep’s comments, “It’s utter shite!”

“Inca trails? Is he having a laugh mate? He is a two-faced lying gold digger!”, the current Newcastle manager exclaimed.

“Jesus…why my Newcastle, my precious boys… my club… I have worked ‘ard you know!”

“Why couldn’t this putz go buy another shit team like Arsenal!?”