The Truth behind the Cupcake Saga – Hazard Tells All

Four years ago the Belgian Football team was coined the Golden Generation of Football, a talented team tipped to win the FIFA World Cup in Russia. They fell short and finished 3rd.

Fast forward to Qatar 2022, some describe them as slow, chubby, even grumpy old men.

Unfortunately for Belgium, the hopes of lifting the FIFA World Cup was short lived with Camp reports of unhappiness and internal fighting.

Truth about the Cupcakes

“It was after the Canada game”, Eden Hazard told the African Football Expert.

“I was walking to my locker and I saw a delicious cupcake sitting on top of my shirt? With a note?”

“Naturally I was like dafuq is that??”, a bemused Eden continued, “The note said ‘fat fuck‘?”

“I fuckin’ lost it, they know it is glandular!”

“Anyway, I said who dafuq wrote this? Tossed it across the locker room in Kev’s general direction, but Thibo saved it…”

Sooo then big shit… these nancy boys both puff their chests out like a couple o’ prize-fed Roosters, all up in my grill, I got so mad! I kinda blanked at that point”

“Sadly, things were never the same after the blowout, and now we are going home, just sucks really”, Hazard concluded.


Some Belgian players have had their say on ‘Cupcakegate’ and a handful are choosing to fly home on separate flights.

“He came at me like a spider monkey on crack, I was scared shitless” – Kevin De Bruyne

“Lil man can pack heat, I have never seen someone so small fight so well… with windmill punches of all things” – Romelu Lukaku on Eden Hazard

“EVERYONE started fighting, I think at one point I had Toby in a Rear Naked Choke, was weird because I was actually naked” – Youri Tielemans 

“I’m too old for this shit, I kept getting tea bagged and choked out, I want to put this to bed now, but the images are too intense” – Toby Alderweireld

Rear Naked Chokehold