Suarez named as Goalkeeper against Ghana

Manager Óscar Tabárez has coyly named Luis Suarez, Uruguay’s goalkeeper ahead of the Ghana match.

The Uruguay Sky Blues are in need of a win to advance to the knock out stages of the FIFA World Cup.


“Nothing like a bit of mind games just before kick off, they already think he [Suarez] is el Diablo [the devil]“, the Uruguayan manager chuckled.

“We know Ghanaians are superstitious, me on the other hand, I am just a little stitious!”

Sorry, actually not Sorry

Suarez on the other hand, has still refused to offer an apology for the 2010 FIFA World Cup handball incident which cost Ghana a semi-final spot.

The veteran striker infamously handled the ball, stopping a sure fire Ghanaian goal, in the final minute.

“Call me a devil! I dont give a fuck, at least a devils can score a penalties!”, El Diablo goaded the African Football Expert


As the tension rises before the game, bookies have made some interesting betting odds around el Diablo

  • El Diablo to save a ball with his hands : 2/1
  • El Diablo to bite an opponent: 3/1
  • El Diablo to bite his own team mate : 10/1
  • El Diablo to bite Óscar Tabárez : 15/1
  • El Diablo to bite a fan : 33/1
  • El Diablo to cry and tell people to stop calling him El Diablo: 50/1
  • El Diablo to noticably accidently shit his pants due to witchcraft : 50/1