Southgate mailed Voodoo Doll ahead of Senegal Match

England faceoff against Senegal later today in the Qatar FIFA World Cup.

The England Manager Gareth Southgate is feeling nervous ahead of the clash and is feeling uncertain about a recent Voodoo doll prank.

Special Delivery

“So I was about to have my warm milk and tuck myself in last night, when there was a knock on my hotel door”, Southgate told the African Football Expert.

“At first I thought it was another hooker the lads sent to my room for a laugh”

“But when I opened the door, no one? Just a small doll that looks like me?”

Doll of Gareth Southgate



“So I put on my jammies and went to ask Little Chilli [Bukayo Saka] what this can mean? Perhaps Senegal playing amuck kind of thing?”, Southgate questioned.

“The lad got visibly upset, saying you know I was born in London right?

“Anyway, I am not saying magic is real, but I also can not take any chances… “, tilting and pointing his head over his shoulder toward a desk full of figurines.

The English manger proceeded to grab what looked like twenty toys

“Look! I was up all night creating my own dolls and things!”, the excited 52 year old continued

“Look at this tiny world cup trophy! And this small Aston Martin!”

“And here we have some rather pretty-looking hookers in naughty naughty positions”, scoffed the England Manager.