Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Moroccan Citizenship

Cristiano Ronaldo has pushed through his new citizenship with Moroccan authorities, now claiming he was born in Casablanca, Morroco.


“You see my parents had to flee Casablanca due to crime”, Ronaldo told the African Football Expert, “I was only two months at the time… check the paper work, it says so, it says I am actually African and more accurately… Moroccan”

“I was as shocked as anyone! And who would have thought my name is actually Habibi Ronaldo?”

“It’s weird because I always found my heart beating to an African drum, listen”, he said while patting his chest, “You hear… More Rock Can… More Rock Can!”


“My lawyers will tell you, you will be surprised what a unused yacht, pair of signed boots and a bout 4 million Euros can do, not sure what that means, but it is done now”, the 5 time Champions League winner chuckled.

“So yeah anyway, you will see me later taking the field against France, it is surreal but I am happy!”

“The dream for HR7 lives on!” Ronaldo said while running far into the distance, “Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”