Klopp surrenders Premier League Title to Rodgers

Defending Premier League Champions, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has shocked the world by selflessly handing the Premier League trophy over to Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers.

This comes after Rodgers’ side smashed Manchester City in their own back yard 5-2 on Sunday.

Klopp’s Admiration

“Brendan! Whoa! What a fantastic display by him and his team, he just crushed our biggest rival this season with a 5-2 romp! It was incredible. I couldn’t sleep all of Sunday thinking about it! I was like a little child with cookies and milk for der Weihnachtsmann [Santa Claus].
Except Santa is Brendan and the cookies are the trophy. So this is why I drove early to Brendan’s house to deliver the trophy and the title. I mean why delay the inevitable?”, Klopp told the African Football Expert.

Brendan Reacts

We caught up with the Northern Irishman after getting news of the hand over, he had this to say, “Well to be brutally honest, I am suprized it took that kraut so long! I am the one who built Liverpool to what it is today! Stupid! Stupid Gerrard and his slippery studs fucked up my legacy. I thought it would be ok… but nooo! In comes this German clown and builds on all my good work, while I got the boot. Knocked me sick.”

Brendan turned his attention to the trophy and appeared to catch his reflection while tapping it and stating, “I am not even sure if this is allowed or if this is a mind game? Is this trophy even real? Seems a bit tinny?”


“In comes this German clown and builds on all my good work, while I got the boot.” – Rodgers