Ole offers to share Premiership Title with Pep

“Let’s stop fart-arseing about and just call it a draw!” a lofty Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told the African Football Expert, extending out an offer to arch rivals Manchester City.

Nine Nil

The offer comes off the back of Manchester United administering 9-0 drumming of a now shell shocked Southampton team.

“We showed how we can hurt any team today. If that punk knows what is good for him he will take the deal”, the United boss explained.

Ole further added, “Look at the table! We are even on points, with COVID always threatening the season, let’s just fast track it! Call it a draw and we both get the trophy, and we can call it a season!”

“It will be known in history as the season the Greater Manchester won! Not those smelly scouser bastards!”

Smoking Socks

“He must be smoking his Christmas socks!?” a bemused Pep Guardiola retorted, “I don’t share anything! Ask the lads they know better to ask me for anything!?”

“Jesus! Not even a stick of gum! But a whole trophy? Piss off!”

Pep then muttered under his breath, “Share the season… ha! Share? Who the actual hell does he think I am? Rhodri Giggs?”

“Who the actual hell does he think I am? Rhodri Giggs?” – Pep