We Settle this like Gentlemen!

A disheartened Romelu Lukaku is not happy after losing his temper with Zlatan Ibrahimovic during Inter’s Coppa Italia quarter-final against AC Milan.

Fight to the Death

“He said somethings, I said somethings, I am tired of smack talk, let’s settle this like gentlemen!” Lukaku told the African Football Expert.

“We duel! None of this round house kick bullshit! Or kicking bottle caps off water bottles!” Romelu exclaimed.

“It’s simple! We both dress up to the nines! We Uber to a lonely meadow with guns, we shoot and then I release a new rap song, problem solved.”

Zlatan’s World

We caught up with Zlatan at a Funeral home picking out a tombstone, “Don’t get me wrong I like the big man”, Zlatan told the African Football Expert while picking out engraving fonts.

“We had a good time at United… so the least I can do before the duel is buy him a decent headstone. I’m a nice guy.”