“Null and Void the Season, Safety First!” – Klopp

Manchester United and Liverpool had their Sunday match postponed due to a day of mass protest.

Worried about safety concerns both teams agreed a postponement was in order. The protests are in the wake of the recent European Super League proposal.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has taken it once step further, strongly advising the season be cancelled.


“The world is a dangerous place right now”, Klopp told the African Football Expert, “Many fans have been cooped up way too long, we need to put everyone’s safety first!”

“We need to null an void this bullshit season and start over…”

Virgil gets his new knee plugged in soon, so there is that, the league will be waaaay more interesting.”


Manchester City are only one win away from clinching a fifth title in the Premier League era. Klopp is adamant that a reset needs to take place despite 90% of the season being completed already.

Surprisingly! Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has echoed Klopp’s sentiment.

“He has a point! I have seen some fans with crazy ticks and cotton mouth circling the stadium like zombies, they smell of rancid pie, most of them scousers”, Ole told the African Football Expert.

“We want to keep the grannys safe in all neighborhoods in England, the last thing I want to do is turn on the telly and see another one stabbed because of the European Super League.”