Messi slams Ballon d’Or after Benzema win

“Fuck this! Seriously… fuck it, it’s all rigged!”, an enraged Lionel Messi told the African Football Expert.

Paris Plot

The Argentine was caught storming out of the Paris ceremony visibly irate, after seeing Karim Benzema crowned Worlds best Footballer.

“Isn’t it sooo convenient that a Frenchmen wins in Paris!?”, the seven time Ballon d’Or winner added.


“I’m angry, Je suis confus, Baises-les! I am cancelling my French lessons by the way!”

“This must be some sick joke Fifa has done, make me join PSG, now I am going to be going around the city in my dumb lil PSG kit, looking like a complete and utter tit?”

“Quit Barce they said, win some trophies they said, it will be fun they said…”