I am Gunning for You!

Aston Villa have appointed Unai Emery as manager following the surprising sacking of Steven Gerrard.

I’m Back Bitch!

“I want the world to know I am back for one reason and one reason only!”, Emery told the African Football Expert.

“It is my soul mission to make sure Arsenal do not win the league!”, laughed ex-Arsenal manager, raising his pinky to his mouth.

“Hell! I will be a man possessed to make sure they dont make top 4, even if it kills me!”

Park the bus

“I am so fucking excited! Mark my words! Against Arsenal I will park the bus hard! Harder than a diamond in a ice storm! Think formation 9-0-1, we will put Ollie upfront and try nick a win”

“I also have nooooo issue at all fielding the youngsters against, the likes of City, Spurs, Chelsea, and getting absolutely obliterated! If it means Arsenal suffer, because fuck em!”

“No one fires me! I fire me!”