“What’s with the Spanish Inquisition?” – Luis Enrique

Japan have earned themselves a spot in the second round of the FIFA 2022 World Cup after a kamikaze-style win over Spain.

The loss means heart break for the German team, while Japan and Spain progress to the knock out stages.

Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

“Jesus! What is with the all the questioning and conspiracies!? Can’t a top 10 team lose to a Football minnow any more, in peace?”, a disgruntled Luis Enrique told the African Football Expert.

“If you want me to swear on the bible that we didn’t throw the match, you are very very childish”, the Spanish manager stormed off, “We played our hearts out! How dare you!”

Southgate Relieved

“I want to thank Enrique for eliminating the Germans today.”, a jubilant Gareth Southgate told the African Football Expert.

“I don’t think England could suffer another penalty shootout against the Germans, should I say it? It could very well be… it’s coming home!”, exclaimed the England manager.