Ferguson blames mystery man Mr Wilson

The greatest manager in the premier league era has recently come out guns blazing targeting a man by the name of Ryan Wilson. He has suggested transfer policies have been stagnant since his departure, contributing ultimately Uniteds demise and love for 5th place.


“It’s no secret, that ever since I left something has not been right and its totally unacceptable!”, Ferguson told Footie Survivor, “Its like there is a mole in our ranks, I hear the lads talking about this bloke, Wilson… I have confronted them a few times now, demanding them to tell me who he is, they all laugh nervously. I think he is powerful man, he definitely has a hold on ’em.”

Class of 92

The angred Scott, also went on to say “I called in ol faithful… Giggsy, Scholes, Butt, Becks and Gary, they all had a good laugh patting me on the back saying, good one gaffer”. Sir Alex showed The African Football Expert photos of them then and now, saddend, “I just baffled that these lads, my lads would hide something from me, but Champions never give up, I will find the bleeder”. Fergie has since, has refused to comment any further stating everyone may be in cahoots and now is a suspect, especially the Class of 92.

Fergie and the lads. Bring on the Lads!