Chelsea Denied European Super League Withdraw

Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea has filed a request to withdraw from the European Super League, this comes shortly after hoards of fans gathered at Stamford Bridge to protest against the break away league.

No Take Backs

Chairman of the Super League, Florentino Perez told the African Football Expert, “Unfortunately for Chelsea there are no take backs! Roman predator shook on it!”

“Ya know! The a good ol’ predator handshake, we called each other a son of a bitch!,” Perez explained,  “We then smacked hands together, looked at each other with no blinking for an ungodly amount of time!”

“Oh and then Senor Agnelli and Mr Glazer, cut Roman’s index finger so he could sign the soul contract in blood.” *cough*

Chelsea Smiles

“I am in what you call, big shit!”, Roman Abramovich explained to the African Football Expert.

“I am getting a lot of attention from the fans and players.. Kante keeps doing donuts in his Mini Cooper in my courtyard”

“Fans keep singing about a Chelsea Smiles… it is not a good time lately”, Roman said shakily.

The Chelsea boss then muttered to himself while punching his head lightly, “Stupid contract, I was just trying to make sure London remained Blue… Fuck Roman… Arsenal and Spurs cant even win in a normal league… Jesus… so stupid…”