Nightmare on Chapel Street

“I can’t go to sleep he is there!”, Pep Guardiola told the African Football Expert.

The Manchester City manager has confessed trying to stop Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe and Neymar is nothing short of petrifying.

A win tonight would put them in good stead to reaching the Champions League Final.

“Welcome to Prime Time, B***!”

“Sleeping now is NOT an option”, Pep explains, “If I let my subconscious take over, Kylain will take control and make me explode.”

Pep shared his nightmare with the African Football Expert

“I have this recurring dream.. I am walking down Chapel Street here in Manchester..”

“Next thing I see a huge monster truck pulls along side me, with Limp Bizkit playing full blast?”

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ is all I hear, so jarring and loud! It knocks my stomach sick, I look over and in the driver seat is Neymar laughing? He has such a sexy smile…”

“Anyway! He points toward the end of the street like Paul Walker? I look ahead and there is Mbappe running toward me with the ball full blast”

“My palms are sweaty, knees weak and legs are heavy…suddenly Chapel street transforms into the Etihad, and it is just us, one-on-one with Mbappe in the stadium and the clock is at 90 minutes…”

“I try run to line up a tackle but I trip, some a-hole tied my shoelaces together!?”

“I am frantically trying to untie my shoelaces, keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ is getting louder and the knot keeps getting tighter the more I mess with it”

“Mbappe is licking his lips mouthing “sweet fresh meat“, he is charging right at me!?”

“Then I hear Klopp say Boom! Mbappe collides with me and my body explodes into millions of meatballs!”

“Meatballs are sloppy and falling from the sky, I see fans running with plates of pasta, trying to catch millions of me?”

“I see Pochettino in the crowd of fans with a big belly wearing a chef hat laughing. He points at a food menu, it reads Dish of the Day: Pochettino Famous Meatball Pasta

“It is horrifying… I guess Pochettino does kinda sound like a pasta dish?”