CCTV picks up Werner putting in Transfer Request

Some questionable footage has hit the internet on Sunday the 20th of September, what appears to be Timo Werner sending a late evening fax from the Stamford Bridge offices. Frank Lampard’s Chelsea had suffered a 2-0 loss to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool earlier.

It’s definitely not me…

The African Football Expert was able to get a statement from the German International, Werner stated, “Who me? No it’s definitely not me faxing a transfer request, I am happy here at Chelsea… even Jurgen hugged me after the game and said I played amazing. I felt like his son, I think what he has at Liverpool is great, but yes, no, definitely maybe happy at Chelsea. It is a little uncanny the footage looks like me, I squinted my eyes and I can see why people think this. But seriously, you can ask Kai, it’s definitely not maybe me.”

Kai Alibi

Kai Havertz the second German arrival at Chelsea this season informed, “Ya, it’s not not him, we were drinking beer at my place here in London playing Fifa after the game. I was playing as Leverkusen, because we are still waiting for Fifa 21. Timmy is always laughing and joking around playing with Liverpool on Fifa, scoring own goals to take the edge off todays loss, except the last game he played, he played hard and celebrated too much when he scored an overhead kick with Salah. I didn’t realize he was this good at Fifa, I had to kick him out before I smashed something.”

“But seriously, you can ask Kai, it’s definitely not maybe me.” – T Werner