Bale Eyes EA Sports Cover

“It’s always been a big dream of mine!”, Bale told the African Football Expert, “… to make the front cover of an EA Sports Game is one of the highest honors you can get! My dream is to share this accolade and be mentioned in the same breath as Rory and Tiger. I am determined and my focus is there 110%!”

Bale has been rumored to be short listing golf courses around Manchester and London last weekend. As the closing of the transfer window looms, where he will end up we can only speculate.

Bale Non!

One place we know he wont is Madrid. Zidane has vaguely suggested, “Non! Bale non! Enfer non pas ici!”



Back in London a caddie from the Royal Blackheath Gold Club has come forward stating the Welsh international swung by “Garrrry B! Oh yeah, he swung by alright! Fella left a big tip! Huge!! I wasn’t too phased at first, you get that with a lot of golfers around here, we are high end. But this guy was stacked, he had a sweaty back pocket full of Euros!”

“He kicked the ball a couple of times into play when no one was looking, he winked and I kept my mouth shut. He’s a bit of a Sandbagger… that aside, I hope he signs a contract with us! I know some Manchester Golf Clubs have been gunning for his signature too!”

“He’s a bit of a Sandbagger” – Number 5 Caddy at the Royal Blackheath Golf Club